Click Here to view - WELLINGTON STREETS 2014 Published by Espial.   46 images (400 edition)

Available from PhotoSpace in Courtenay Place,  Unity Books on Willis St for $29 or by contacting me.

Peter Ireland Review SEE HERE

A very personal view of the streets of our Capital City, Julian has given us here a careful selection from a large number of photographs he takes on his wanders with his trusted Leica. The patterns of light and shadow are not accidental but a strong reason for the juxtaposition and inclusion here. – Ans Westra

Click here to view- WELLINGTONIA 2006 Published by PhotoForum and Espial

(500 edition) Duotone and over gloss 55 images $39

“Julian Ward’s photographs of Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, uncover surprise after surprise, those off moments from the theatre of life when the actors are caught off guard. He notices things that we could see if we were there, but seldom do. A light mixture of banality and surreal absurdity.” John B. Turner, Senior Lecturer in Photography, Auckland University School of Fine Arts.

   Click here to view - JUST A WORD.. 1996 Published by Espial (500 edition) Duotone and over gloss 28 images $39

JUST A WORD… BEFORE YOU LAUNCH (from the photograph on page 9, “…these images, indeed all good photographs, are above and beyond words. They sideswipe them, subvert them, render them useless, leave them dangling in the face of visual evidence.” Peter Turner, past editor of ‘Creative Camera’, London.

“…a beautifully crafted work of art.” Ans Westra, photographer.

   Click here to view - FACE VALUE 1993 Self Published (500 edition) Duotone 48 images $150

“…..a milestone in New Zealand photo publishing.” Bill Main, director New Zealand Centre for Photography

“Some of the photographs in this book are amongst the most moving I have ever seen.” John B. Turner, Senior Lecturer in Photography, Auckland University School of Fine Arts.


2014 Page Blackie Gallery: Wellington Streets.

2013 PTO Gallery Eltham, Taranaki

2012 Pingyao, China – Wellington Streets See Exhibition

2012 Puke Ariki, New Plymouth – Gala Days Gallery Details Here

2012 Photospace Gallery – Collection

2012 Fritz Reuter Gallery, Inglewood – Group show mixed media.

2011 The Photographers Gallery Hawkes Bay – The Sleeping Cow.

2010 Photospace Gallery – The Sleeping Cow.

2008 Bath Gallery, Auckland – PhotoForum Group Show

2008 Photospace Gallery – The 70s Connection

2006 Wellington Museum of City and Sea – Wellingtonia

2005 Wellington Museum of City and Sea – Living Treasures SEE PHOTOGRAPHS

2004 Virtual Tart (Taranaki Art) – Gala Days in New Plymouth

2004 McNamara Gallery, Wanganui – The Caravan Group Show

2004 Pataka Museum, Porirua – The Caravan Group Show

2002 Photospace Gallery – Singular Images

1999 Peter McLeavey Gallery – Trees Group Show

1988 Exposures Gallery – Place and Light

1983 Art Society Gallery – Taranaki Independent Photographs (TIP)

1982 Art Society Gallery – Travel Photographs

1979 Govette Brewster Art Gallery Coffee Lounge – Travel Photographs

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