The work on display in Amsterdam is my Early Auckland Street Photographs  The 22 images have also be made into a give away magazine. 

Plexus, the project 8-Ball Community is presenting at Unseen Niche in Amsterdam this week, and give you some information about it.

Your zines will be on a table in the middle of a room filled with pages from the same zines. Everything has been photocopied in Black and White, from the publications to the images on the wall. Visitors of Unseen will be able to pick up one copy of the zine for free. We're taking 20 copies of every zine to the show, and will be sending you 5 copies.

The show opens on Thursday for private viewing from 5pm till 9pm and it's in the Niche section. The rest of the weekend the opening hours will be: Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 10am to 10pm Sunday 10am to 7pm If you are in town, please come say hi, and if not, please spread the word!

here is a link to an interview they did with us

here is a link to the entire show

Plexus - The Group Exhibition

The Photographs

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