Julian Ward - Photographs

Wellington, New Zealand

Showing at Virtual TART during February 2017

Human Landscapes – Julian Ward

Two subjects I enjoy in photography are the mess of life on the streets, and the tangle of trees in the bush. I like the way they are both so similar and stark even though one is moving uncontrollably, and the other stationary. I loosely call these photographs Human Landscapes. For this exhibition I have blended both subjects together, since each inspires the other.

The street photographs were made during the recent Christmas rush (2016) on Lambton Quay in Wellington, New Zealand. The trees were a few months earlier, in the wet light of winter, within Longbush near Martinborough - about one hour’s drive from Wellington. Longbush was a term used for the old narrow bush-lines which followed roads and rivers to protect stock from wandering.

Prints can be purchased as 48×33cm 380gsm Pure Cotton Paper with Pigment Inks for $950 each (edition of five). The entire set is also available as an album for $4,500. See Prints for Sale for album details.

Human Landscapes

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